Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 8: On the Road Again to Park Place

After last night's record low distance (500 feet?), we had a beautiful evening for a real ride:

Kate was riding her own bike, so that limited us somewhat in how far we could go. We returned to Park Place Park. The playground here is supplied by my first employer out of college, Columbia Cascade.

Not a huge playset, but we had a good time playing the monster game. Also, the setting here is quite nice, nestled in amongst a small stand of trees:

I have this copse mentally marked as another potential S24O spot this spring.

I rode the Breezer with Sam behind me:

My latest thought is that the bar is too low, even with the spacers maxed out. I'll need to go for a longer ride to see how my back feels. Notice my spiffy black wheels--these are the free ones I picked up for buddy Charles. Since he doesn't need them immediately, I've pressed them into the service so I could move the rotors from the Rhyno Lite wheelset back to my FSR (the freebies wheels use centerlock rotors, which I oddly have several of, while the Rhyno Lites use the standard-but-rare-in-my-garage 6 bolt rotors) Gotta get the FSR ready for hopeful-spring riding to see how small suspended wheels stack up against monster wheels on a rigid Krampus.

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