Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 21: Soccer Practice

Henry's soccer practice was tonight, which was a good enough excuse for me to get on the bike. Jodi drove Henry and Sam out to the practice area, leaving me and Kate to ride the Cross Check:

Kate, ahead of either of the boys, has mastered trail courtesy on multi use paths. She is constantly craning her neck around to see ahead, and will ring her bell if we come up on other trail users.

Three and a half miles later, we arrived at the practice field to find that Jodi and the boys beat us there:

Conveniently, there was also a playground next to this field. It was a new playground for us--since it's not a city park, we didn't visit it last year:

It featured wood construction, which is not typical of Dublin's city parks. It also had a few new features, like this spring loaded arc see saw thing:

The whole upper green part travel in an arc, letting the kids on the end bounce up and down off the spring stops. I've never seen anything like this (I think I was more impressed than the kids)

Practice over, it was Sam's turn to ride home.
He decided that the car would probably beat us home, since cars are faster than bikes, but that we would be faster if we had a motorcycle! We might also be faster if someone pedaled a bit more.

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