Day 18: Krampus at Chestnut Ridge

Since I ended up coming home early from my road trip, I had a free, unplanned day today. I guess I could have cancelled my vacation day and gone to work, but what are the chances of that actually happening?

After watching Kate's dance class, I headed south for Chestnut Ridge. It was a warm day and the trail was in decent shape (at least, with use of the wet weather bypass). I soon met a rider walking his bike down the trail. Flat tire, slow leak, no tools. Unfortunately, we found that my patch kit glue was dry, so we dry fit a patch and pumped it as best we could. It was more or less holding air--maybe enough for him to ride back to the parking lot.

I continued climbing up to the barn for a breather:

Past the barn, I spotted another rider on an orange Kona Unit a couple of switchbacks behind me. My goal was to keep ahead of him.

I stopped for a few pictures here and there:

This reminds that I should frame saver my frame, or it might look like this pipe sometime around 2154.

I pulled into the parking lot just ahead of orange Kona Unit guy. I felt good about that, until I saw that he was on a single speed... and then he told me had ridden from Columbus, and had 38 miles down that day. Oh. To my credit, he had a number plate on his bike from his last race, and was training for the Mohican 100 next month. Good luck orange Kona Unit guy!

The Big K did pretty well for me this trip. No mechanical issues. I enjoyed the handling on the short, bumpy downhills that CR is full of. Perhaps due to the slacker front end or the big tires, I found myself coming into some corners too hot for what is, after all, still a rigid bike. But no crashes or close calls, just some sore body parts at the end. No danger of me racing the Mohican 100.


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