Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 12: Breezes and Breezer

It was a bit of a strange ride today, in that I went by myself, in beautiful (if windy) weather, and didn't stop at a single playground. I putzed around town on the Breezer, covering maybe a dozen miles in a bit less than an hour.

I stopped at Ballantrae Park (no playground!) for a quick bite and a picture:

Earlier today, I had received an offer on the Bontrager Big Earl tires that I have currently on the Breezer. I've had these posted on my for sale site forever, with nary a nibble, so this took me by surprise. At first I demurred, since I am in fact riding those tires almost daily. But then my rule of thumb set in: don't pass up a buyer! I stripped them off the Breezer and boxed them up this evening. If I want to keep riding 26" on the road, I'll get some fatter, more supple tires.

Sam gave me a hand in the shop, showing off his fine muscles:

Ultimately, another rule of thumb took effect: once parts start coming off a bike that I'm dithering on, it's hard to stop:

I think the Breezer is just too small for me... and I kind of feel like I'm on a roll selling stuff.

edit: the Breezer may be a large, not an XL as advertised when I bought it. That would explain the short top tube. I have to confirm how Breezer measures their frames.

edit edit: Breezer confirmed they measure center to top of seat clamp, so it is their 21" size. Guess they just run small.

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