Day 26: Buzzed Again

I started off today with an extremely short ride, just ferrying our stuff over to Avery Park for soccer. Henry had a noon game, then Sam at 1:15, so we barely had time for a quick picnic in between:

Sam got to be the first bulldog in his game, he was pretty excited about it:

I spent the afternoon stripping down my Cross Check and converting it back to a fixed gear, and moving those parts over to the Novara Buzz...again. It's now my utility bike... again: 

I like the sloping top tube for my frequent stops, and it just overall feels so good in this role. Better than the CC, I think because the bars are a bit higher.

It's normally spaced for a 120mm rear hub, but I cold set the rear triangle to 132mm or so. A bolt on derailer hanger, zip tied full length cable routing, and I'm ready to roll:

No front derailer as I just manually shift between the 30t (with train) and the 38t (solo rides). Works well enough in practice, so far.

We headed out this evening to Earlington park:

It actually wasn't my first choice, but I got turned around and forgot where Stonefield Park was. We'll have to go back and hit that again, maybe tomorrow.


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