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Car Camping S24O at John Bryan

Is it still an S24O if you drive?

Over break, the kids and I loaded up the Civic and headed to John Bryan SP for an overnighter. My idea was to take the twins on an introductory mountain bike trip to the very easy trails at JB, and to enjoy camping.

Only one of those ideas mostly worked out.

Turns out it was easier to load four bikes and four people into my Civic, rather than our much larger Pilot:

The playground was our first stop after checking in:

 Then it was on to the mountain bike trail:

We made it only a few hundred yards down the very smooth, wide, and easy arboretum trail before the whining was enough for me. "Too tired! Too hard!" Kate has many athletic abilities, but apparently bike riding is not one of them.

So it was back to our site to set up camp:

I brought two small hatchets. Good thing, as they provided most of the entertainment at camp:

We took a break from camp and headed to Young's Jersey Dairy for a snack:

and a little more playing, but more whining,…

Mountain Bike Thief Alert! and Kids and Bikes

Henry has developed a sudden interest in all things bicycle this summer. Not sure where that came from. Anyway, earlier this week, we headed to the beginner loop at Alum. He knocked off two easy laps there (4 miles), so we continued on to the main trail and rode parts of that, maybe 7 miles all in. He did great! He even rode a small ramp, which had me a bit nervous as I trailed behind him. He's really building his confidence, and was able to laugh off a brief off trail excursion. Go Henry!

Yesterday, we braved the advanced trail of P2, and Henry did fine again, only struggling a bit on some of the hills and log overs.
As a side note, I was riding my Rat Trap Pass-shod Rockhopper. That combo of a springy steel frame and supple tires has a really nice feel on the dry hardpack. No problems at all with traction.

Henry has also been riding around the 'hood with all his buddies. He asked to try one of my bikes. "Too big!" I said, but then relented and set up my size Large …