Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kate and I Visit the New House, and Henry Eating

Last weekend, I headed out for a spur of the moment ride, only pausing long enough to announce, "I'm going for a ride!" Kate immediately piped up that she wanted to come, so we hooked up the Picolo and hit the trail:

I think Kate is the only one of the kids that is (at least occasionally) a net output gain when I pull her behind me. She can really pedal!

We stopped to look for muskrats in the ditch, but no luck:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Insert Post Title Here

My recent blog activity has matched my recent riding activity: not much at all. You know the usual excuses: a stretch of cooler, rainy weather, busy with work, and getting ready to move. I've shipped off most of my bikes to my parent's garage, leaving just two in my ready fleet:

The Jones is now single:

Riding buddy Chris converted his full sus 29er to single speed this spring, and he has an idea to tackle Mochican State Park on single speeds this year. Perhaps he doesn't recall this trail starts with an eight mile climb. But, it's nice to have a stupid goal, so I single-ated my Jones to ride along with him.

You may notice a few other changes to Jonsie:

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