Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kate and I Visit the New House, and Henry Eating

Last weekend, I headed out for a spur of the moment ride, only pausing long enough to announce, "I'm going for a ride!" Kate immediately piped up that she wanted to come, so we hooked up the Picolo and hit the trail:

I think Kate is the only one of the kids that is (at least occasionally) a net output gain when I pull her behind me. She can really pedal!

We stopped to look for muskrats in the ditch, but no luck:

We thought we saw a turtle, but it turned out to be a leaf. It gave us something to ponder, though.

We rolled north through the metro park, stopping at the playground, and made our way to our new house to be:

Drywall is mostly done on the inside:

Several more weeks to go though. Sigh.

Earlier that weekend, Henry and I had gone over to Easton to look for a present for Jodi's birthday. We were largely unsuccessful, but did stop at Melt for lunch:

After my deep fried Monte Cristo sandwich, I literally didn't eat for the rest of the day.

Henry had the ultimate win in the car game when he spotted this in the parking lot:

He was extremely generous for the rest of the trip: "Dad? See that Porsche over there? You can have it."

Lastly, just a picture for my mom of Henry enjoying a post game donut after his last soccer game:

(thanks to Ana for the picture!)

Great job 6-1 Ajax!

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