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Last Ride of the Halfwheeler

I bought this Giant Halfwheeler trail-a-bike 5 or 6 years ago for $75 off Craigslist. I had been thinking the kids have just about outgrown it. To give it one last hurrah, I hooked it up a few weekends back when Henry wanted to go riding with me on an early morning library run.

Turns out, a seat post mounted trail-a-bike, a lightish 'cross frame, and a burly 10 year old isn't the best combination in the world:

I had to slip in the longer seat post from my Raleigh Peak to make enough room for Henry:

It's a good thing the bike paths weren't busy at 6:30 in the morning, because I was wandering all over the path like I was a crazy drunken cyclist. Still, it was great to get out with my boy and see the sights of Dublin in the morning. Like the yarn vandalism on the Avery Park soccer balls:

Dublin vandals go the extra mile for handmade quality.

Dublin rebuilt the playground at Indian Run Meadows this past spring:

Molded in creatures hiding under the stonework:
When we got ho…

New Bike: Raleigh Pardner

While I was visiting China a few weeks back, I made a somewhat impulsive online purchase of a Raleigh Pardner fatbike, using their corporate discount code (in a bit of odd coincidence, the Raleigh is presumably made in China, where I was, but shipped from a Central Ohio warehouse, where I live). I had a hankering to try a steel fatbike, got tired of waiting for a used Pugsley to show up, and so decided to order the Pardner before Raleigh's rumored departure from mountain bikes.

A big, heavy box was waiting for me when I got home Saturday morning:

It went together pretty quickly, although I haven't bothered adjusting the hubs yet, if they need it. Raleigh thoughtfully included a few bags of reflectors and dork discs that will never get installed:

There's a lot of open space in my neighborhood, but not many trails. One of my ideas is I can use this bike for local bushwhacking:
For about the price of my old Bikesdirect Gravity Bullseye, I think the Raleigh is a considerably b…

Bikes of China

I had a business trip to China last month, so of course I took some bike pictures. Hordes of Flying Pigeons burdened with ridiculous loads? Not so much. Where we stayed in the city center of Guangzhou, it was mostly commuter bikes like this:

Almost every bike I saw was of a similar type: aluminum frames in one, maybe two sizes, step through frames, high bars, fenders.

This type had airless tires and belt drive. I think it was a rental:

Typical was a single speed, drum brakes front and rear, and this odd 24" wheel size. Maybe it's more maneuverable in the crowded city:

I also saw a lot of these orange and silver models:
Definitely a rental, there was a big electronic lock on the back:

These yellow Ofo bikes were all over:
Here's the 24" tire:

And the blue bluegogo model as well:

I did see a few older steel bikes;

Rod brakes:

I also saw this faux fixie model in several spots:

And another oldie with a rear wheel stand:

I think this rear rack could support a family of fo…