Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last Ride of the Halfwheeler

I bought this Giant Halfwheeler trail-a-bike 5 or 6 years ago for $75 off Craigslist. I had been thinking the kids have just about outgrown it. To give it one last hurrah, I hooked it up a few weekends back when Henry wanted to go riding with me on an early morning library run.

Turns out, a seat post mounted trail-a-bike, a lightish 'cross frame, and a burly 10 year old isn't the best combination in the world:

I had to slip in the longer seat post from my Raleigh Peak to make enough room for Henry:

It's a good thing the bike paths weren't busy at 6:30 in the morning, because I was wandering all over the path like I was a crazy drunken cyclist. Still, it was great to get out with my boy and see the sights of Dublin in the morning. Like the yarn vandalism on the Avery Park soccer balls:

Dublin vandals go the extra mile for handmade quality.

Dublin rebuilt the playground at Indian Run Meadows this past spring:

Molded in creatures hiding under the stonework:

When we got home, Henry and I did some trail-a-bike testing up and down our street. Riding various bike and trailer combos, I would ask Henry to try to muscle it around while I tried to maintain a straight line.

With the Burley Picolo hooked to my Rockhopper (stiff frame/stiff trailer combo), I could more or less keep a straight line, maybe +/-3' as Henry put his power done.

With the Giant Halfwheeler hooked up to my Raleigh peak (stiff frame/flexy trailer combo), I could barely keep it upright and had trouble staying on the road. Maybe +/- 6', and very hard to control.

Of course, this is a worst case scenario, as my normal instruction to my passenger is "don't steer!" But it does show the difference between the Giant and Burley trail-a-bikes. I was hoping to get rid of the Burley and its mammoth rack, but instead it's the Giant that has gone out the door. I sold it for a quick $50 at work.

Not bad depreciation for six years of service.

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