Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bikes of China

I had a business trip to China last month, so of course I took some bike pictures. Hordes of Flying Pigeons burdened with ridiculous loads? Not so much. Where we stayed in the city center of Guangzhou, it was mostly commuter bikes like this:

Almost every bike I saw was of a similar type: aluminum frames in one, maybe two sizes, step through frames, high bars, fenders.

This type had airless tires and belt drive. I think it was a rental:

Typical was a single speed, drum brakes front and rear, and this odd 24" wheel size. Maybe it's more maneuverable in the crowded city:

I also saw a lot of these orange and silver models:

Definitely a rental, there was a big electronic lock on the back:

These yellow Ofo bikes were all over:

Here's the 24" tire:

And the blue bluegogo model as well:

I did see a few older steel bikes;

Rod brakes:

I also saw this faux fixie model in several spots:

And another oldie with a rear wheel stand:

I think this rear rack could support a family of four:

I wasn't brave enough to rent out. Chinese traffic is crazy enough that crossing the street while walking was scary enough for me!

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