Monday, May 22, 2017

Sam Goes Mountain Biking

I'm hoping to raise at least one biking kid. To that end, Sam and I went "mountain biking" last weekend, to Wellington Park in Dublin. This used to be a pretty easy ride from our old house, but now we had to load the bikes up into our Pilot and drive over. I really need to find/make some more local trails... but for the time being, Wellington offers some wide, easy trails for my beginner mountain biker.

Sam was ready to go:

We came across some deer:

This is an action shot, such as it is:

Sneak peek of my other new ride:

Sam was also happy to find a playground next to the woods:

We biked for just a bit more, then Sam was ready to head home. He said he had a good time, and no one crashed, so I'm going to count this a successful trip.

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