Sunday, April 18, 2021

Travels with Sam

Sam and I both had an urge to get out this winter. Apparently the urge to hit the road for a pointless destination, listen to the Beatles, and eat fast food is genetic. Or maybe we were just tired of being inside all winter.

Our first trip was to bravely ascend to the highest point in Ohio, Campbell Hill (1550 feet). Being men of daring, we managed this without supplemental oxygen:

Of course, once we'd been to the highest point in the state, our next trip had to be to the lowest point:

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Summer of Bike Churn (Fleet Update)

This has been an extremely strange and awful summer, in the big picture, and in my little bike universe, it's been odd in its own way. With the bike shops cleaned out of inventory, I did my own inventory clear out, buying a few frames and quickly selling them as bikes. Mostly just because I could. Here's what went down during the Covid era:

February: we mostly had no idea Covid was here, and I sold my Trek Fuel to a coworker in a fit of full suspension simplifying:

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Backpacking (Wild Cat Hollow)

 I've never been much of a backpacker, but I'm getting out quite a bit this year. Three trips! So far!

The third trip was just me and twins--Henry stayed at home with a claimed sore leg. Wildcat Hollow is a loop in SE Ohio with many, non reserved campsites. I like having this flexibility of where to camp.

We walked the 16 mile loop clockwise, passing this old school house (now a vulture's nest) on the first day:

New Bike: Rivendell Roadini

Just after I impulse bought my 2nd Cross Check frame, I impulse bought a complete Rivendell Roadini road bike.  I've been doing a little more road riding this summer, getting out of my usual Dublin loops. My thought was a real road bike would be more appropriate for this.

At least in these crazy times, I could sell me CC at a slight profit... if I close my eyes and ignore the parts that I used to build the frame. I'm cleaning out my parts bin, at least.

Here's the Roadini on my initial ride up north:

Friday, July 24, 2020

Cross Check Again

My bike fleet has had a lot of churn this spring and summer. I sold the Jones, the Mercier fixed gear, bought and sold a full suspension bike, and bought the Marin frame. All of those transactions left me with a pretty flush bike fund, so when I found many online stores were out 62cm Surly Cross Checks in the new mustard yellow color, I knew it was a sign that I should order the last one I found.

This is almost a repeat for me. I had a Cross Check from around 2007 for about six years. That old black bike carried me through many miles of rides and many different builds. I had a spare rim brake 700c wheelset hanging around, waiting for another frame--which turned out to be another CC. I knew the wheels would fit, as they were the same ones from my old CC!

I received the frame on Tuesday and quickly got to work:

Hammock S24O

I've been eager to try hammock camping. I have a cheap leisure hammock, but it doesn't have any bug protection. Nice camping hammocks quickly add up to $300+, but I'm just dipping my toe in the water with the Wal Mart cheapie, $40. Possibly this is as bad as trying mountain biking with a $100 Wal Mart bike, but if I do like hammock camping, I really don't want to fork out for multiple $300 setups for the kids as well. 

Last Friday, I quickly threw together a quick S24O. Henry and Kate were on board, but oddly Sam decided to stay home and watch a movie with Jodi.

We had to stop for dessert on the way to camp:

Monday, July 13, 2020

New Bikes In and Out

I've had some churn recently in my bike fleet. I sold my Jones (again) to a fellow iBOB, which caused my bike fund to spike up. I had the desire (again) to buy a full suspension bike. I surfed around for quite a while before coming across a NOS 2015 GT Sensor Carbon Team at the Pro's Closet. Nicely priced, and I wanted 27.5" wheels to give the bike a more fun feeling. Bigger wheeled full sus bikes I've had in the past have mostly just felt dull. The only boingy bikes from my history that I look back fondly are my '97 Pro Flex 857 and my '03 Specialized Epic, both short travel 26" wheels XC machines. Then again, there's likely also a lot of nostalgia going on here. Anyway, flush from the Jones sale, I jumped on the Sensor frame and got to building it up:

Travels with Sam

Sam and I both had an urge to get out this winter. Apparently the urge to hit the road for a pointless destination, listen to the Beatles, a...