Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fleet Update IX

I had intended this to be a series of posts, one for each bike, since I haven't written anything in some time. But after a month, that still isn't happening, so I'm back to my regular format when I need to hammer some bike stuff down.

As always, I'm listing my bikes from most to least favorite, at this moment:

1. Jones LWB

The photo above was taken during a very pleasant Friday off work to ride Chestnut Ridge (and get the title transferred on our new Pilot, but that's another story). It looks very much like my typical Jones build: 29+ knobbies, 11 speeds, Jones bend type bar (actually a Soma Osprey knock off). But a few weeks ago, it was quite different:

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Urban S24O

My friend Charles invited me to a festival at a downtown metro park. The Scioto Fest was located in downtown Columbus, so we met at Antrim Park on Saturday afternoon and rode the bike path down. Initially, I was going to bring both boys with me. Henry backed out when he realized he would be too tired from his afternoon soccer game, and Sam backed out when prioritized sleeping in on Sunday morning. That was disappointing. Oddly, Kate now wants to come camping, but only if it doesn't involve biking any distance. This has me cruising Craigslist for tandems now. But I digress.

Because I had planned to carry the boys' camping gear, I had the trailer ready to go. I used it anyway, since it lets me pack sloppily, and isn't really noticeable until I turn uphill.

This was my first S24O with my Dahon, and I was entirely happy with it (except for the rubbing front brake I found later, which might explain why some of those hills felt steeper than they looked). Nonetheless, Charles and I quickly cruised a dozen miles south to set up camp at Scioto Audubon metro park:

Sunday, August 25, 2019

New Bike: Old Trek

I found the urge to buy a big old Trek road bike, again, my third. My 612 was a nice, but old enough that it still had an oddball collection of braze ones (one bottle cage, no shifter bosses, lots of nutted fasteners). I did a 650B conversion with it, but the Pacenti rims were awful. My 510 that followed it had nicely thinned lugs, but the frame wasn't straight. Since I recently sold my Soma--it just didn't excite me--I've been without a road bike this summer. Unless you consider the Dahon, which I've been riding--and enjoying--during this time.

But I felt the urge for another big old Trek. Some CL trawling led me to this bike in Dayton:

It was cheap, but not local, but a trip to Dayton is a good excuse to go out to Cici's pizza, which means I had some company on this trip:

Sunday, June 23, 2019

S24O With The Boys

After a summer of relentless rain, we finally had a nice forecast to head out for some camping. After selling my Burley Picolo earlier in the spring, this would be Sam's first trip riding his own bike (and only Henry's second trip). I was also trying to get the boys more self-sufficient, so I had them packing up their own gear for this trip. After some quick omelets for dinner on Saturday night, we headed out.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

New Bike: Soma Wolverine

I've been in a fleet reduction phase lately. Again. Despite my longstanding appreciation of Rivendell's values, I can never seem to keep their bikes around very long. Both the Quickbeam and the Clem left the garage, rolled into one Soma Wolverine as an all-rounder:

This is the V3 frame, purchased a bit impulsively (after several months of hemming and hawing) when Soma had a 20% off sale, AND finally offered free shipping on their frames. The build didn't go as easily as the ordering, though.

Karate Monkey Drop Bar

I tried to make my KM into a townie, but it didn't take. It never does. It's meant to be a rigid, single speed mountain bike:

And because I was worried about seeing myself coming and going on the trail in this setup, I recently added my Thudbuster as well. Just to make it a bit different.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Travels with Dahon, and Sam

I've been riding my Dahon quite a bit this spring. It's actually my most ridden bicycle at this point. Besides it's easy "grab 'n go" nature, it's fun to toss it in the trunk for quick adventures. For instance, a few weekends ago, I was planning to drive Henry down to Dayton to stay overnight with his cousins. My first thought was to throw my Jones in the car to ride at MOMBA in Dayton after dropping Henry off, but the trails were too wet in this soggy spring. Instead, I tossed the Dahon in the trunk, and rode some rails-to-trails near Dayton.

I started at the Beavercreek trailhead at the 9/11 memorial:

Fleet Update IX

I had intended this to be a series of posts, one for each bike, since I haven't written anything in some time. But after a month, that s...