Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dahon Enters the Fold

I've been travelling a lot with my latest work project, back and forth to Michigan every week since this past fall. Of course, this presented a reason for N+1, so I decided I needed to pick up a folding travel bike. I spent some happy time researching various wheels sizes and folding mechanisms, trying to find a cheap bike that would fit my 6'3" self. Finally, during a slow moment in the Super Bowl, I somewhat impulse ordered a used Dahon Speed 7 off ebay. It came packed up in this odd box:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dawn of the Quickbeam Era

I've wanted a Rivendell Quickbeam pretty much since I first saw one maybe 15 years ago. I've filled the interim with a succession of cheaper replacements: my Cross Check, various vintage Treks, and lately my Black Mountain Monstercross. But here in the winter of discontent, I finally decided to take action. I put up a "WTB" ad on the Riv and iBOB lists, not expecting much response, but Howard from Virginia quickly responded with a 64cm for sale. Just my size. A deal was quickly made, my bike fund was even more underwater, and I finally had a Quickbeam in my garage.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Trek 830 Updated

I wasn't in love with the drop bar setup on my old Trek mountain bike, so spent a few lazy evenings converting it over to flat bars. I swapped the V brakes for cantis along the way, since I was out of flat bar V brake levers. So it went from this:

With a bit of weather change thrown in as well. The bars are an improvement in comfort:

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jones Gets Less Cheap

There was a rumor out there--which turned out to be true--that Shimano was changing their policies in 2019 to now allow European imports into the US so cheaply. That motivated me to line up an order from Chainreactioncycles with some new bits for my Jones:

Friday, December 28, 2018

Trek 830 to Glacier Ridge

I made a few quick fixes to my recently acquired '95 Trek 830 (swapped seat, adjusted brakes and controls, pointed the bar ends a bit more earthward), and the twins and I ran over to the school and metro park to try out our new toys. I had my bike:

and Sam had his new football rocket thing, a bonus reward for selling lot of pricey boy scout popcorn:

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Winter Project: ‘95 Trek 830

My bike fleet has been pretty stable lately, so it was time to mix things up. I was sorely tempted by a 62cm Rivendell Joe Appaloosa frameset on the RBW list, but I was worried it was a bit too big for me, and it was realistically out of my Jones drained budget. Instead, I’ve been trawling Craigslist for old mountain bikes. I’ve been missing my old Rockhopper, low stack height and all.

While I was killing time in a Detroit hotel this week, I came across this old Trek and made plans to see it on Saturday. And quite clearly, I brought it home. Maybe because it needed help:

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gears for Jones... Cheap

This has been a terrible fall for riding. Rain and temps that bounce right around freezing have made the trails way to sloppy to ride. I've been riding my Jones a bit on the road, but the limitations of single speed gearing quickly become apparent then. Coupled with my desire to try a cheap, wide range, eight speed cassette, I ended up adding some gears to the Jones:

Dahon Enters the Fold

I've been travelling a lot with my latest work project, back and forth to Michigan every week since this past fall. Of course, this pres...