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Raleigh Kodiak 2 Review

I've been riding more with my fast buddies Chris and Marc this year. Our trail of choice is Chestnut Ridge, which is increasingly deviating from our traditional, hand made twisty singletrack of central Ohio into a roller coaster ride of berms and jumps. My Karate Monkey, which works so well in the tight and twisty stuff, isn't quite so confident when the trail gets fast and steep. I've been changing it how I can: first, I swapped the single speed drivetrain for 1x10, then a longer rigid fork to slack out the front end, then a suspension fork, then a suspension seatpost. This setup works OK, but once I got it into my head that I needed a full suspension bike like Chris and Marc, I found myself scouring the sites online every evening, looking for dually deals.

I finally ended up ordering a Raleigh Kodiak 2, using their widely available corporate discount. With an additional 5% discount they sent me after ordering my Pardner fat bike, the total came to just $855. Shipped. Th…

A Summer Fling with Clem

I had another brief fling with a Rivendell this summer. Occasionally my positive bike budget will intersect with a bike I've been thinking about now becoming available, and that happened this past June. Post-Jones, my bike fund was pretty flush, and the RBW bike list had a fellow looking to sell a Clem Smith Jr, my size, my favorite color, but up in Ann Arbor. Time for a road trip, then.
Of course, I immediately had a volunteer to accompany me, and that was honestly a good sized chunk of my motivation in this endeavor. Henry and I made the three hour drive to Ann Arbor on a Friday I took off work. The bike test ride left me a bit ambivalent, but after a three hour drive, it was hard to walk away. So I didn't:
I had googled pizza buffets beforehand, so we stopped at a local spot for lunch before hitting the road for home:
Lunch was also a bit underwhelming, but we had a pleasant drive back, listening to our audio books and snacking on junk food.
What I ended up with is basical…