Monday, July 1, 2013

The For Sale Post

July 13, 2018 updated

Shipping isn't included in the below prices. I ship via BikeFlights to keep costs low, but pickup in central Ohio is also encouraged.

1981 (?) Fuji America frameset and wheels, 25" / 64cm / XL size, fair but not super condition. $250 for the parts listed below.

585mm top tube, 64cm c-t, 220mm head tube. People say this is low trail, but I can't find the full geo online anywhere.

For reference, here it is built up:

I dimpled the chainstays slightly to add clearance for 42mm Hetres:

The seatstays and fork had plenty of room.

This is what is actually for sale, $250 OBO:

Frame, fork, headset, stem, bars, brakes, wheels (no bottom bracket)

The stem is a Nitto 100mm Technomic:

The bars are Nitto Noodles, 46cm, the brake levers are Shimano non-aero, slightly squeaky, and the cloth tape isn't especially clean:

Brakes are Dia Compe centerpulls with salmon pads:

The wheels are Wheelmaster hubs with XLC rims. Generic stuff, but the Hetres mount up fine on them. That puts them ahead of most 650B rims I've tried.. These hubs were advertised as 130mm, but were really 135mm. I removed a 7mm spacer, cut done the axle, and redished the wheel. A perfect fit for the Fuji now.

There are lots of little nicks and scrapes in the paint, but no dents or major paint damage:

Some minor rust in the chrome as well. The QR axle needs trimming, but these cheap open cam QRs aren't strong enough to really clamp the wheel down, anyway, so plan on buying some better Shimano QRs.

These brakes are strong and modulate great in the dry, but with wet rims, their power is only so-so.

Seat post included.

$250 OBO, in case you missed it above.

VP Catalyst pedals, normal pins, fine shape. SOLD

Velo Orange Grade Cru Course parallel handlebar, 44cm wide. Great shape. SOLD

Tektro R559 caliper brakes (55-73mm reach), good shape, Allen fittings, but:


- I filed the rear brake slot a few mm longer. If this worries you, don't buy these.

You can see where I filed here, at the bottom of the slot:

 - I don't have the nuts and washers on the posts, but I do have this random bolt with a collection of nuts and spacers on it. You can probably make this work.


Odyssey 1999 brakes, these were cheap long reach brakes I bought for a conversion. They're pretty weak, and I'm missing the mounting hardware. The bolt above actually goes with the Odysseys, but I'm including it with the Tektros to make those more-valuable brakes work.

Free with something else.


  1. Hey,
    Pretty good price on the SIR. Any thoughts on how much you'd ship to Canada for ?

    1. Paul,

      Best just to contact me directly using the form on the blog. In my experience, IF I can fit it in a USPS approved box (less than 108"), it would be about $80. If not, and I have to use Fedex, maybe two or three times that.

  2. Hi Eric, I'm interested in the Carbon MTB frame and fork. I email through Craigslist.

  3. Thank God that p29 is an xl or I'd have to find a divorce lawyer. LOL. Good luck, that's a great price!

  4. I sent you a note through IBOB but if the Pardner is still for sale I'd like to buy it. I'm in Indianapolis and would drive to get it if you are in Ohio. I noticed you were at Mid Ohio. I almost went. I love Indycar and bikes.

  5. I put a ton of trail miles on a Technium, with a super light elastomer Manitou fork, Deore XT and other trick lightwieght components of the day... it was so nimble, and easy to pull air over obstacles, What a great bike memories....



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