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2/20/17 updated

Everything is OBO, shipping not included. I generally don't want to ship the FREE stuff... best to combine it with something else or pick it up in person. I could possibly deliver bikes within a few hours of Central Ohio, no charge. Let's talk.

Please use the contact form on the blog if something interests you.

Velo Orange Polyvalent MKIII, 60cm, frame and fork with VO Grand Cru headset (not complete as shown). Excellent shape except as noted:

There are some scraps on the LH VO logo:

More scrapes on the LH chainstay:

another small scrap on the LH seatstay. Mostly hidden by the brake cable, but it's there:

Jones Plus 25" model. This is the last of the pre-Boost models. I'm selling the frame  and truss fork ($1350 new), front wheel (Jones 135 hub, WTB Scraper rim, DT Supercomp spokes, built by Jones, ~$400 new), Jones headset ($40) and seat clamp ($10 or so... Yes, Jones doesn't include a seat clamp on their $1350 frameset).

The whole shebang above (frame, fork, headset, front wheel, AND the seat clamp) for $TBD (I'm not quite ready to sell this yet, this is just a draft while I ponder it) plus shipping (not the complete bike as pictured). It's in excellent shape, with just a few tiny scuffs that I tried to highlight below.

There's a chip on the right truss. I hit it with a wrench during initial assembly. Dang.

A small scuff on the right side of the seat cluster:

A paint mark (?) on the left side of the top tube:

Jones headset included:

Single speed dropout, spare bolts, Jones stickers, etc:


  1. Hey,
    Pretty good price on the SIR. Any thoughts on how much you'd ship to Canada for ?

    1. Paul,

      Best just to contact me directly using the form on the blog. In my experience, IF I can fit it in a USPS approved box (less than 108"), it would be about $80. If not, and I have to use Fedex, maybe two or three times that.

  2. Hi Eric, I'm interested in the Carbon MTB frame and fork. I email through Craigslist.

  3. Thank God that p29 is an xl or I'd have to find a divorce lawyer. LOL. Good luck, that's a great price!


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