Sunday, July 28, 2013

Emerald Fields, Wedgewood Hills, Wedgewood Glen, and the Zoo

We had a beautiful morning today, so the twins and I first headed out to the zoo. We got there shortly after opening, so we managed to see Asia Quest before the crowds hit:

Up to North America for a train ride, but by 10:30 all the twins could see was a wall of people's backs, so we headed out to hit some playgrounds.

We first tried to find #22 Emerald Fields, but my nav led me to the wrong side of Wyandotte Woods Blvd. We had to give up, turn around and head for #50 Wedgewood Glen Park. But it was just an open space:

I was getting a strong sense of disappointment from the back seat about the lack of playgrounds, so I was a little worried when we stopped at #51 Wedgewood Hills Park and didn't see any playgrounds. But Kate spotted it and she was off across the grassy field:

Just a small play structure:

But the setting was quite nice, with a fountain in the background:

At this point, we were ready for lunch, so we headed back north:

Somehow, this spread at City BBQ was $4 cheaper than yesterday's lunch at Cici's. I may need to rethink my lunch spots. We took the money we saved and spent it at the Graeter's next door:

And then we were back down Sawmill to find the other half of Wyandotte Woods Blvd. Tip: it's behind the Kroger. I turned into the parking lot only to find more sports fields. I was hoping not to disappoint the kids, and luckily we rounded the corner to find this:

It's the biggest playground we've come across so far. In the forecourt, they had an electronic whack-a-mole type game:

Way in the back, they had one of the neatest bike racks I've seen along the bike path:

Kate showed off her slack line prowess:

and continues to be my little climber:

and my jumper:

Though Sam made it up this wall as well, he mostly stuck to the slides:

Three down, twelve to go, and I think only three more of these look like drivers.

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