Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rainy Saturday (In Which We Go to the Mall and Don't Buy Anything)

It's been raining constantly all day today. With Jodi and Henry off to see a friend in Virginia, I was left to my own devices to keep the twins entertained. We headed out mid morning to Polaris mall. We drove, and it was inside, but at least it has a playground:

There was a lot of climbing:

and then some jumping:

I was a bit startled to look around and realize that Sam and Kate were the biggest kids at the playground. Was it that long ago that I was hovering over them, protecting them from the big bruisers of the playground? Now my kids are those big bruisers!

We stopped at Baer's Wheels on the way home. I had to pick up the $3 part that will enable my next bike build:

Lunch, groceries, and now home.

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