Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shier-Rings Park, Trinity Park, and Brighton Commons Park

As I noted in my immediately previous post, it's been quite wet around here lately. After dinner this evening, I headed out to the garage with no real agenda except to clean things up a bit. While I was hosing off my Blackbuck, the kids came out and played in the spray from the hose. Since they were already a bit damp, I figured we might as well head out for a playground. Usually, the slides are wet for a few hours after a rain, but that shouldn't matter much on a warm evening like this.

Our first stop was #45 Shier-Rings Park. This is another--boring!--park without a playground. But we had to check it off. I didn't even get the twins out of the trailer:

This little park did have some nice bridges over water, which might prove relaxing if you didn't have three kids with you:

We continued south along Emerald Parkway. We came across this interesting stretch of bike path where nature was fighting back:

This path is only 6 or 7 years old, so maybe they just laid the asphalt down too thin. Anyway, we missed #54 Woods of Brighton Park, but came then to #49 Trinity Park. Perhaps Trinity refers to the three play structures:

Or maybe the developer was just a "Matrix" fan. Not much interesting here, but right across the street was #9 Brighton Commons Park. It's accessed by this nice looking bridge:

And has a rather peaceful little orchard:

The play structure is not so interesting:

But that hardly matters, because, what's this?

They have a fair sized wading pool. So wade we did:

And maybe a few more things:

With the kids already soaked, they didn't have to do much to convince me to stop at the #5 Ballantrae Spray Park again on the way home.

I think my Burley trailer stopped being waterproof years ago, but that hardly matters when the water is coming from the inside:

Then it was time to hit the road for home:

Three down, 24 to go.


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