Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 28: One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer

You had to see this coming: the day after I rebuilt my Buzz to a utility bike, I get an email asking if it it's still for sale. In case that deal actually happens, I took it for a quick cruise through Avery Park tonight. Since it was getting dark, and cool, and a light rain was falling, I had the place to myself as I hummed along to Eddie Rabbitt:


When I passed the first giant soccer ball, I was inspired to take each of my road bikes for a lap, and get a picture of each, with a different soccer ball:

It doesn't take much to get inspired for a post on day 28.

Thinking back to my recent road trip, and to a teenage-hood spend driving around in my '71 Camaro while listening to classic rock on KGON in the rainy northwest, the song choice in my head had to switch over to George Thorogood:

Lap two was on my Cross Check:

and lap three was on ye Olde Trek:

Both the CC and the Trek are set up as flat barred fixies, and I had the traitorous thought in my head that I might like the Trek better in a back to back comparo. Skinnier tubes, lower trail front ends, lugs, made in the US; these are a few of my favorite things... but I still felt better on the CC. Maybe it's the fatter tires, but it felt a little more solid, a little more all of one piece, as I rolled along. Though I wish the brakes on the CC were as good as those on the Buzz.

A beer with dinner, a glass of Wild Turkey reserve as I write this; if we had some scotch in the house, I could finish off this post in style.

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