Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19: Buying and Selling Sites

I did a dawn ride through the metro park. Ye Olde Trek meets Ye Olde Truck:

Rather than yet another daily ride report, which can grow as tedious to write as they must be to read, I'm going to discuss what sites I regularly use for buying and selling:

1. classifieds
One of the best things about this site is that they charge $2 to place an ad. It's enough of a barrier to keep out the spamming that you see on Craigslist, so the resulting ads are higher quality. It usually has a good selection for buying and an often knowledgeable base for selling.

2. Craigslist
Occasionally, I get lucky and sell something here. Rarely do I buy anything, since there's so much junk to sort through. However, for things like my vintage Trek, which have a high shipping cost relative to their purchase cost, it can work out OK.

3. Our local club website
We changed web servers about a year ago, and this site still hasn't recovered the traffic of the old site. But it's sometimes a nice way to meet local bikers.

4. ebay
I almost never sell on ebay--too expensive with all of their assorted fees. But it's a good spot to buy, with a good search engine. The link above, by the way, is my daily search of items that currently interest me.

5. iBOB list
This is a Google group I belong to. Mostly road stuff, but it's a congenial group that makes for easy and honest transactions.

Those five are my main tools. I also use the RBW list, classifieds, and the paceline forums classifieds, but those are all second tier sites for me.

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