Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 6: Donegal Cliffs, and a Trailer Repair

Way back on my first post, I listed out several playgrounds we visited, but only had pictures for a few. Today we patched another one of those holes, by revisiting Donegal Cliff Park, camera in hand.

After trail work this morning, before we could leave, I decided it was time to do some other patch work on the trailer:

I finally got around to searching Burley's website for repair parts, only to find they no longer offer spare parts for my ~15 year old, three owner trailer. Instead, I broke out the needle and thread and tried my hand at sewing it. My stitches are so neat and fine they may be hard to spot at first, but if you look closely you can probably see my needlework:

I fit the Burley rack on my CC, and we were off. This was our first "big" ride of the season, so I was a little worried how Henry would handle it, especially after he spent 2.5 hours traipsing around in the woods with the COMBO work crew. In the end, he did fine over the ~9 miles of riding today.

Donegal's playground in nice, but nothing special:

But the setting makes it special. Over a chain link fence is a wooded drop all the way down to the Scioto River:

Central Ohio is so flat, it's always nice to come across some terrain change.

After spending time at the playground watching the kids play spaceship on the playset, we mounted up the bike train:

And headed to our next stop. I told the kids we were stopping at UDF, but Henry couldn't think what that stood for. The best he could come up with was, "Ugly Dumb Fish." Happily, it turned out to be somewhat more enjoyable:

All that, and my sewing held up through its first test.

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