Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 15: A Chilly Crosscheck Run, and Selle AnAtomica Notes

Two pairs of pants, long sleeve shirt, two jackets, balaclava, and my warmest winter gloves... this for a ride in mid April. I started out with my second warmest gloves, but turned back after a few hundred yards to get the warmer pair. What happened to our nice weather?

A little patch of snow was left over from this morning's snowfall, up against the blooming daffodils:

I loaded up the CC for a ride to the library and the post office. I had to mail off some pedals that an iBob had purchased this afternoon.

Now that I've ridden it for a bit, I'll make some comments about the new Selle AnAtomica saddle I picked up this winter:

On the plus side, it looks great, and carries my saddle bag.

On the minus side, it's not particularly comfortable so far, and a bigger issue is the way the sides flare out. Compared to my B17N:

(black on black doesn't show up that well, surprisingly). The SA is quite a bit wider in the mid portion, about 15mm wider than the Brooks right in front of the seatpost, and worse, the edges don't point down, but at maybe a 30* angle. I can feel the skived edge of the leather pointing into my thighs as I pedal. It hasn't been terrible yet, but I could see it growing very uncomfortable on a longer ride with lighter clothing.

Two other issue with my CC in this setup:

- the fork is juddering again. I thought I had fixed this some new, less sloppy V brakes, but I think the heavy weight of dyno hub exacerbates this.

- my hands aren't as comfortable on the grip area as they were with the Buzz setup with the same bar. I think this is due to my inner tube + bar tape combo vs. the rubber mountain bike grips I used on the Buzz.

If the Buzz doesn't sell, I wouldn't be too heartbroken to change it back to utility duties again. Maybe strip off the gaudy green paint and put a clear coat spray over bare metal. That would put the CC back where it belongs, as a fixed gear bike with AT-2 style bars. Which would give me two very similar bikes. Hmm.

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