Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5: Books, and 100 Posts!

After the kid's soccer games this afternoon, I took ye Olde Trek and headed to the library in Dublin. I'm enjoying the Trek much more as a flat barred, fixed gear bike than I did as a drop barred, geared bike. It felt good to be out on a stripped down bike, surging with the cranks over the small rises along the way. Does it plane? Maybe, and if I think it does, that's good enough.

I stopped for a quick picture:

Last year, there was an interesting little field of bamboo along the river. We made one trip down here to cut some down for various activities for the kids. Henry especially loved to make things with the bamboo: spears, bows, etc. But late this winter, the city (I assume) mowed it down. I wonder how long it will take to grow back?

If I keep the Trek around as a fixed gear, that would mean the CC will stay as the utility rig, which means no need for the Carmargue. Want vs. need, I can let these first world problems circle around my bike brain forever.

Eleven miles down, I took an extra detour on the way home because it was so nice to be out.


Blog Update: This is post #100!

I have 26,964 page views. I don't count my own, of course.

The most popular posts are:
- Chinese carbon bike frames (1637 views)
- The For Sale post (1555)
- Bike Review: Canfield Nimble 9 (1087)
- Soma Double Cross vs. Surly Cross Check (1055)
- Ways to Build a Surly Cross Check (903)

55% of my viewers use Windows, 14% Mac, 9% iPhone, 8% iPad, and 5% Android.

15,828 views came from the US, 1510 from Canada, 1190 from the UK, 794 from Germany, and 484 from Australia (g'day!). Please don't hold your breath waiting for a German language edition of B&P.

It's funny, I never see other blogs mention this kind of back detail. I wonder if it's in bad taste, like talking about your salary or retirement savings or something. Perhaps I will be ostracized at some future bike bloggers conventions.

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