Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Secret Dublin Playground

Friday when I got home from work, I promised Sam that we could go to a playground after dinner. Unfortunately, this being Memorial tournament time, we were then hit with a quick but heavy rain storm. With the playgrounds soaked, I built playground #0 Our Basement for the kids:

Yes, the blanket fort. A few years back, Jodi got each kid a personalized (with their name) blanket from LL Bean. Best... Present... Ever! What else do they still play with that they got then? I have no idea, but they all love their blankets. Forts. Islands. Pretend picnics. Wrapped up kids like they're giant burritos. So much versatility.

Somewhat amazingly, this blanket fort is still standing today, 24 hours later. The key to a fort that lasts more than five minutes is to use binder clips to tie the blankets together and to furniture or whatever else is handy to support the fort.

I guess the other key is to have a basement where no one minds if a blanket fort is still up a day later.

Still 46 to go.

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