Friday, June 7, 2013

Post Preserve

With Kate still feeling a little under the weather, it was just us boys for tonight's after dinner ride. We made a quick jaunt over to #39 Post Preserve Park. The approach was a nice bike path along a pond. We spotted a heron:

Maybe it's just because we've been cooped up a for a few days with sick kids, but we found a lot to like in this playground. There was a tall structure with a pair of slides and a climbing tunnel/ramp to get up there:

An easy to use bouncy step, next to some hard to use (at least for me) circular monkey bars:

A giant spider web connected to the other play structure (which I didn't get any pictures of, sorry):

and a pair of bouncy horses:

Note as well the picnic benches and open space in the background.

On the ride home, Henry managed to shift into his easiest gear, and he had a good laugh about spinning like a hamster. He said, "I'm never leaving this gear, it's so easy!"

One down, 40 more to go.

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