Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scioto Park

When I started this blog, I knew going in that it would be difficult to actually bike to every one of the 56 playgrounds in Dublin. There are several parks in the NE corner of town that aren't easily accessible by bike: they aren't hooked up to the main bike path system, and busy roads lie between us and them. These are the kind of roads that I don't mind riding on an early weekend morning, but that I won't take my kids on (even though, when I have the train hooked up and the flags flying, drivers are unfailingly polite to me). So for #42 Scioto Park, we ended up stopping there on the way home from lunch on Sawmill Avenue on Saturday afternoon.

I always think of Scioto Park as "Chief Leatherlips Park," because there is a big sculpture of him in the park:

I had to photoshop the kids into this picture, because, of course, climbing isn't allowed on the chief:

Below the sculpture is an amphitheater. There are music shows here in the summer on Sunday evenings, which we've never attended. But Kate still put on her own show:

Scioto Park has a very nice playground:
Including a tower for our little Rapunzel:

There's also a short nature path along the river:

And this twisted old tree that many, many kids have climbed on:

I continued teaching Henry how to skip rocks into the river. He got a few single bounces, and was quite excited about that (not to toot my own horn, but I got at least a seven skipper--years of practice finally paying off) There's also a designated sledding hill--maybe we'll come back for that this winter.

One down, 35 to go.

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