Friday, June 28, 2013

Shannon Glen Park (again)

Back when I was still a rookie blogger, we made a visit to #44 Shannon Glen Park and left without pictures. To rectify this issue, we returned tonight, camera in pocket. I had my Globe, Kate in the trailer, Henry on his bike, and Sam on his Strider. I think the Strider is cute when it's leaned up against a tree like this:

The unique feature of Shannon Glen is this sliding trolley:

The kids like it, and I have to admit that I do too! Not just fun, it's good for the abs too. Yeah, that's it... it's just good exercise.

We stopped to check out some ants that were feasting on a sucker stick:

Then we were on the way back home. We made one quick stop to check out the lightning struck tree in Avery park:

Some thoughtful park worker carved a viewing hole in the tree:

Then it was on to exploring the creek:

None down, still 30 to go.

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