Monday, June 24, 2013

Twins and Park Place

I got home later tonight so we only had time for a quick spin. Henry is at my parents (with his cousins, he may never want to come home), so it was just me and twins. We headed out on a mission to find a new playground, that I kinda sorta remembered was on Park Place, maybe out near #39 Post Preserve. I was riding my Globe, trying to decide if the aluminum frame "planes" at all for me at all, so I didn't mind the extra time wandering around the neighborhood. Sam and Kate encouraged me shouting, "faster! faster" as we sped along:

(it's really hard to take a picture of your trailer while riding hard)

After some time, we gave up and circled back to Post Preserve. Sam had been there, but not Kate, so he showed her the ropes:

This is really a pretty nice playground:

Kate, as always, loves to rock:

But we were already past our usual bedtime, and I wanted to make one more stop before home, so we didn't stay long here. We ended up at #38 Park Place park, which we've been to before, and that turned out to be the park I was looking for in the first place (I didn't realize this until I checked the map back at home)

The interesting thing about Park Place is that it's a twin of #38 Bishop's Run Park

And here I was with the twins... this was actually my backup plan for tonight's theme.

Sam in the Monster base, waiting for a heroine to rescue him:

Kate made the rescue, she's fast!

The jury is still officially out on the Globe. It feels OK, but as the low bike on the totem pole and me feeling crowded with bikes, its days are likely numbered.

One down (and one duplicate), 31 to go.

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