Saturday's Beat the Rain Ride

The forecast for Saturday was for a decent morning, with hotter weather and thunderstorms in the afternoon. So by 8:15 am, we were ready to be on the road:

We had to pass three known parks (#3 Avery, #28 Indian Run Meadows and #13 Coffman Park) to get to the new park that I had promised the kids, #31 Killilea Park:

It turned out to be a very nice neighborhood park, with some new features for us.With three kids, a three way bouncy thing was just right:

We first found the blue angled merry go round thing at #23 Hawk's Nest Park, but this was Kate's first time on it:

Henry found a hidden swing:

While Sam kept an eye out for Monsters:

They're known to inhabit these parts.

Back on the trail. Sometimes, I'm amazed at the natural places we can find in the middle of our little 'burb:

Of course, I kept the houses on the right out of the picture frame.

We made the short hop to #14 Coventry Woods Park:

Which had kind of a tree theme going on for the play structure, but otherwise wasn't that special. With the shady trees and gazebo, it might be a nice place to be on a hot day.

#55 Woods of Indian Run is -- boring! -- "just" a green space with no playground. It looks like even the creek had run off:

We made our way home through #20, the Dublinshire Greenway. I thought I had hit this on our second day out, but I was on the wrong side of Muirfield. It started out looking boring:

But we turned the corner and found the playground:

So far, every playground has something unique about it. Here, it was the three floating steps. Three again!

Sam was clearly a bit nervous about being up on the rain slicked step. But later he asked to be helped across them again.

Four down, 42 to go.


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