Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bristol Commons Park

Our after dinner ride tonight was #10 Bristol Commons Park. We couldn't find this one on our first time around, but this time I did a better job of memorizing the map before we left. Still, we ended up circling around a pond before we found the side of the park with the playground (it's on the west side). We saw another great blue heron that we ended up chasing around the pond:

Bristol Commons playground turned out to be pretty small. Kate is almost ready for the monkey bars:

and Henry played around in the tube:

and that was about it. After a quick session of the Monster Game, we were off. On the west side of the park, we found this strange, semi-abandoned road:

It dropped us in one of the Muirfield subs (motto: "we don't have sidewalks to discourage visitors"), where we wandered around lost for quite a while. We eventually made it Muirfield Drive, through the roundabout at Brand Road, and stopped at Hawk's Nest park (again):

This is turning into one of my favorites for the neighborhood playgrounds. The spinny yellow cup apparently has some thermodynamic defying property where, once kids get in, it starts spinning faster and faster and they can't get out:

I had to rescue all three kids at various times from it.

Both Henry and Kate took a spin on the tall merry go round:

 We also played on the pre-school side:

But the kids preferred to head to the older side:

In bike news, I threw a pair of Surly Open Bars on my Soma:

They're nice for cruising around town, but I'm not sure how they would be for longer rides. I'm trying to compare the Soma to my new Globe to see which I like better. Too many bikes! But that's a subject for another post.

One down, 33 to go.

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