Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reward Ride

So possibly too much information here, but we've been struggling to get Henry and Sam to be free of their diaper at nighttime (Kate has been dry for many months now). I promised the kids that if they were dry on Sunday morning, I would take them out for ice cream. Bribery proved very effective moving Henry along with other bathroom habits (the reward then was a camping trip, and it worked splendidly, thank you), and it worked here as well--three dry kids come this morning. Right after breakfast, they were asking when we could go out for ice cream.

After lunch today, we headed to our local Jeni's ice cream--if you're going to reward, reward well, I say. Henry was fixated on dark chocolate, Kate wanted any kind of chocolate, and Sam was happy with some Buckeye peanut butter combo. By the time I'd decided on my whiskey and pecans ice cream and paid for it all... Henry was already done.

You know what's hard? Taking a good picture of three kids in a restaurant.

A quick detour to the library, and we were on to the park for the day, #37 Monterey Park.

Sorry residents of old Dublin, but the playground here was nothing special. Nice enough, but no features that really caught our eye. However, the surroundings were quite nice: there was a (currently dry) creek with a bridge:

and a hill that was a nice to change from the usual flatness of our other parks. We climbed to the top, and the kids immediately commenced rolling down:

As you can see, wearing a big, frilly dress didn't slow Kate down at all.

Just one down, 41 to go.

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