Shortest Post Yet, and Even Worse, No Pictures

Is this a sign my blog is already running out of steam? Or that I just forgot my camera? Happily, my legions of fan(s) inspire me to continue.

Memorial Day while the twins were still asleep at naptime, Henry and I headed out to knock off a few local playgrounds. He rode his suddenly too small 16" wheel Specialized Hotrock, I rode my now-for-sale Soma Juice.

Our first stop was #44 Shannon Glen Park. Here, Henry played hide and seek with a pair of sisters. The cool thing about this playground is the trolley/zipline thing. Pictures to come in the future, most likely.

Next up was #6 Belvedere Park. The only real significant thing here is that it contains two separate play structures, which makes playing our Monster game very easy: the kids can run from one to the other, while the Monster tries to get them.

Two more down, 46 to go.


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