Friday, August 16, 2013

Avery and Woods of Brighton Park

#3 Avery Park is another of our "home" parks (along with Westbury), since it's very close to our house. Of course, we've been there several times this summer, and I did mention it back here, but this evening I brought the camera so it became all official like.

There's a small trail in the woodlot at Avery Park where Henry is learning to mountain bike:

I've also been known to do a bit of comparo riding here. And there's a bunch of sports fields and stuff. Yawn... but our main attraction is the playground:

The kids are making more use of the older area this year:

The "spider's nest" makes a good monster base when we play the Monster Game.

They don't spend much time at the kiddie side anymore:

But they do still love to bounce and spin:

Avery is also home to one of Dublin's public art projects, "Out of Bounds." Basically, a half dozen or so oversized soccer ball sculptures. "Do Not Climb on Sculptures" the signs say... yeah, right, say years of wear on the metal:

While cousin Marli, Jodi and the twins headed home, Henry and I headed out to the #53 Woods of Brighton Park. This is one park I couldn't find on one of our earlier trips--I'd passed it by, thinking it was just a tennis courts for the nearby apartments. Turns out it was just a tennis court, but that was the park. Happily and coincidentally, Henry has been bugging me to play tennis:

I think there's some work to do before I can hope to retire on Henry's tennis endorsement deals.

It was moving on towards dusk, so Henry and I beat a path for the grocery store and home. Crossing Highway Hill, we spotted this cool skeleton:

Possum? What do you think?

Two down, three to go. Will we finish it up this weekend? Stay tuned!

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