Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer in Review

Our quest is done, the twins start school this week, so it seems like a good time to kick back and look over what we did this summer.

My original goal was to hit all 56 parks by bike with the kids. In the end, we had to visit five parks by car, and I visited another five (all open spaces, no playgrounds) by bike without the kids. So, 46 parks with the kids by bike. I'm happy with that.

Each kid didn't go to every park. Henry and Kate both ended up going to 39 each, while Sam is the winner at 44. Go Sam!

I rode about 515 miles from when this blog started in June. To non bikers, that sounds pretty impressive, but to Real Bikers it's a trivial amount. I rode frequently, but many short trips with the kids. I'm happy with that as well.

I made eight trips with the Soma Double Cross, seven with the Specialized Globe, six by Cross Check, three by Buzz, two by Soma Juice, and one on my Rawland. And a couple via our Honda Pilot and Acura TSX wagon.

During this same time, I bought six new bikes or frames (the Canfield Nimble 9, OS Blackbuck, Globe, Singular Gryphon, Novara Buzz, and a Niner SIR9 which hasn't arrived yet). But, I sold five bikes or frames (the Nimble 9, Globe, Juice, Double Cross, and Nordavinden) for a net loss of $366. Losing money from my Bike Fund isn't so bad, especially considering that I'm up a frame from when I started, but this has been a pretty excessive season for bike flipping, even by my low standards.

As of right now, my blog has 4,423 hits, with the most popular posts being the Nimble 9 review (365 views), the For Sale post (333 vies) and the Buzz Intro (318 views). My bike posts typically get in the range of 10x the views of the family and parks posts. Go figure.

We stopped for ice cream on six trips. Maybe more.

And now we have eight more Riverboxes to find.

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