Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Westbury Park

Just a quick ride last night. We first headed back to Wyndham Park, because Kate wanted to ride her bike somewhere further than Avery Park. From there, we backtracked to #53 Westbury Park. This is one of our two "home parks," because it's only a stone's throw from our house.

I'm starting to appreciate this playground more. It's divided into two sections, with a little kids side:

and a bigger kids side:

Last year, we mostly stayed on the little kids side. This year, all three kids are climbing all over the other side. It's almost like having a new playground!

We hit the road for home:

Kate rode two miles on her little bike, but when we got home, we still rode some more around our street. Henry wanted to learn to go off curbs, so I carefully explained to him how to shift his weight back. He got it:

But then I turn around and see that Kate must have been listening as well:

If you scale it up, that curb drop is like a 14" drop on my 29er. Impressive!

One down, five to go.

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