Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surly Cross Check to Campden Lakes, Hutchins Open Space, and Bryson Cove

Beautiful weather here for a busy weekend. On Saturday, I ran the Warrior Dash with a couple of buddies from work. I'm not a runner by any means, but it's fun to climb over stuff "Survivor" style:

(this picture was after I washed off)

 Saturday night, I fulfilled an earlier promised to the kids and we camped out in the backyard.

Lots of room for five in our eight man tent:

We had a good time before bed chasing fireflys outside and watching bats swoop around the back yard:

This is our attempt at a bat picture:

It was the twins first night camping. They did fine, and slept all night in the tent, unlike some mothers I could mention!

I woke up stiff and sore (from the Warrior Dash, not sleeping on the ground), and Henry and I headed out to Alum Creek P1 for a trail work day. We spent about three hours shuttling rocks around to fill mud spots on the trail.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I headed out on my Cross Check for a ride to pick up some of the open spaces that wouldn't interest the kids. I was sore from the above activities, but not biking sore, so the ride went pretty well.

My first stop was #12 Campden Lakes Park:

I had thought I hit this earlier with the twins, but I got my parks mixed up (I've gone back and fixed the previous post--not that anyone had complained). Anyway, this was just a small open space in front of the sub, but it was nice enough, and it led to a bike path to the #26 Hutchins Open Space:

Down a very rutted out road:

was a clearing and a locked up building:

Just a few hundred yards off an unmarked road from Riverside Drive. Coming across this large, relatively vacant and somewhat inaccessible spot, my thoughts immediately ran to considering it as  a good place for  a stealth S24O. Maybe I'll work up my nerve later this year.

Finally, I cruised down various bike paths, through Emerald Fields, and tried to find #11 Bryson Cove Open Space. Luckily, I had my phone with me, because there's nothing else distinguishing it. I'm pretty sure it's just this chunk of woods off Bryson Cove Circle:

Which is in the running with Llewellyn Farms South as the worst park to date.

I was very happy with my CC on this ride (except for the dry chain). I've sold my Rawland, and I'm rebuilding the Novara into the family truckster. That leaves my Surly open to go back to fixed gear duties, which is what it does best.

Three down, six to go.

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