Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kiwanis Riverway Park by Surly Cross Check

About a week ago, I drove around with Henry to try to find the parking area for the #32 Dublin Kiwanis Riverway park. We finally gave up that day and ended up going to the Toy Barn to look at exotic cars (this was Henry's request, I was so proud again!) When I got home, I studied the map and realized we should have turned into the River Quarry development off Riverside Dr. Early Saturday morning, I headed out on my fixed gear Cross Check to check this park off. Even early in the morning, I don't want to bring the kids in a bike along Riverside Dr, so this was a solo trip.

Near the Dublin Rec, I noticed something new along the bike path:

It's a public bike workstand, complete with a pump and a handful of tethered tools:

There was also a UPC code you could scan with a smart phone, presumably with repair instructions.

I wonder now how effective these things are. My general guess is people who know what to do with tools will carry them. People who don't know what to do won't be helped with tools. Maybe very small repairs--fixing a loose bolt or something--would be useful with this setup. Anyway, I'm happy to see more biking infrastructure.

I cycled on to the Kiwanis Riverway park. It's mostly a boardwalk and paved path near the river:

I was about ready to head home but decided to do another loop on the path, when I came across this:

My first thought was that it was a type of port-a-potty, but it was actually a River Box by the Dublin Arts Council.

I left a small note promoting this blog (what else?) and then headed for home. On my way up Post road, I was passed by a older guy, grey hair and all. I was briefly demoralized by this, but then I saw he was on a tandem, and both him and his stoker had Paris-Brest-Paris jerseys on. Then I was OK with being passed!

One down, two to go.

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