Saturday, August 24, 2013

Henry goes Mountain Biking

On Tuesday, I was able to rearrange my schedule at work a bit to take off early in the afternoon for the "meet the teacher" day at Henry's school. Teacher met, we had the afternoon free to decide what to do with. The twins were with my folks, Jodi had gone shopping. I asked Henry what he wanted to do: "Let's go mountain biking!" I'm so proud!

I had earlier mentioned to Henry that the trails at Wellington Park looked like a good place for him to practice. We saddled up and rode the few miles over there. On the way, we notice something new at Avery Park:

We stopped to read about Captain Rozanski and explain why this marker was here, and then continued on to the park.

I let Henry pick the path, and he had a good time on most of the trails:

Although doesn't everyone's first time mountain biking involve a little pushing?

We celebrated our first Big Mountain Biking Trip with ice cream at UDF:

I'm already thinking about Henry's bike for next year. He's already outgrowing (capability-wise) the 20" Hotrock I just picked up this summer, so I'm starting to troll Craigslist for a 24" Hotrock with gears. Something new to look for!


  1. Brian, thanks for the kind words. I've told Henry about COMBO's "take your kid mountain biking" event at Alum Creek on Oct 5, and he's very excited about that now.


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