Friday, June 6, 2014

Two Bikes, Three Strikes

I spent a bottle of hard cider working in the garage while the boys played with army men in the dirt just outside. Kind of puttering with the Trek, but also getting the Breezer ready for a camping trip I'd promised Sam tomorrow night.

I tried to fit my SKS Longboard fenders from my Cross Check onto the Trek, but of course they wouldn't clear under the caliper brake with the 32mm (actual, 35 advertised) Forte tire.

I tried to mount my Picolo rack on the Breezer using P clamps (which Burley does not recommend), but the clamps I had were slightly too big, and the whole thing turned out to be a wobbly mess. I'll probably just pick up some smaller P clamps tomorrow, but the whole episode reminded me how much I hate mounting things with P clams instead of braze ons--of which the Breezer has none.

(Incidentally, the S24O spot I have in mind is too rugged to bring the trailer, so I really need the rack and panniers for extra carrying capacity, even if I use the Giant trail-a-bike instead of the Picolo)

Last night, I took the Breezer around my park loop, unencumbered by child or child towing device. After spending $57/tire on my high end Compass tires, I was completely underwhelmed by their performance. They didn't feel any faster, and not quite as plush, as the 35mm Paselas I love so much on my CC (at ~$25 each)

Sometimes I daydream about selling the whole fleet and starting over.

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