Friday, June 27, 2014

Spare Parts Build

I've had my Cross Check and various other parts halfheartedly for sale for a bit now. That is, up until a few days ago, when I was browsing this thread over on and saw this CC build, courtesy of fellow CC owner phsycle:

I just love the looks of a flat bar CC, and I immediately had to get me one. Good thing I had a garage full of parts with everything on hand for this:

(yes, physcle's photography is far superior to mine)

I pulled my CC frameset off the for sale hook, re-installed the headset, bottom bracket, etc, and also removed my sale ads for these wheels and tires:

Despite their knobs, these Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires absolutely fly on pavement. I think it's due to their Evo casing: the tires feel like a big, wet noodle when they're not mounted up. With these tires, the CC subjectively feels as fast as ye Olde Trek. I wonder how it would do with the new Compass Barlow Pass tires?

Simple, clean cockpit:

I'm hesitant to even put a bottle cage on this build, I like the clean lines so much.

7/3 update: I took the CC on a back to back spin with the Trek (and the Breezer), and I still definitely prefer the Trek in both its handling and its pedaling manners. The CC was pretty good, though.

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