Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Still Here, and Meet the Plastic Fantastic

It's been a while since my last post. Since I took the kids camping two weeks ago, my schedule has been: sick - sick - work travel work travel - family weekend - work travel work travel work travel. After putting many miles on my TSX, it was nice to come home to my (sleeping) kids and lovely wife, and of course a frame box.

Which contained this:

Yep, my first carbon frame. After researching all the direct order Chinese frames, I wasn't ready to commit even that much money on something that far outside my steely comfort zone. However, when this Sette Razzo SC popped up on ebay in an XL, I took the chance (and ended up being the only bidder, so I got it reasonably cheap).

I rarely involve Jodi in my bike stuff, but I had to hand this frame to her so she could feel how light it was. "Wow!" was her reaction. I'd like to wow you with the actual frame weight, but my fish scale has decided to take a dive now. I figure I'm dropping 2.5~3 pounds over my typical steel frame, which likely makes no difference at all on the trail, but sure feels impressive when you heft the bare frame with a pinky finger.

It'll be a while before the Sette hits the dirt, though, since I need to order an adapter base plate to fit my non-tapered fork. If I actually like the how the carbon rides, I have visions of a tapered carbon fork and a Knard up front. We'll see how it plays out.

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  1. Always wanted to get one of these just to see how well it works.


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