Sunday, April 9, 2017

Milk Run with Sam

A grocery run on the bike used to be no big deal for us, just two miles each way to Kroger. With our new place, it's more like seven or eight miles, slightly uphill on the return trip. Saturday, Sam and I tried out my new Burley Travoy trailer for our initial big grocery run. Of course, we had to stop at our old haunts like the Avery park playground:

The new trailer works fine. It seems to be a little less of a drag to tow than my old Burley kid trailer. It think the wide profile of the kid trailer makes it act like a giant sail anchor behind me. At least, it sure feels like that. And, with the kids really too big to ride in the trailer, I'll probably be selling it this spring. It's had some good miles!

With the longer ride, it's important to maintain our energy. So, we stopped for ice cream before getting to Kroger:

I had to bring an insulated bag with some ice packs for the ride home, but everything stayed cold for the 40 minutes or so it took us to ride home. The Travoy rides very well loaded. The only issue we ran into was when the wine bottle shifted and caused the bag to rub on the wheel. Moving the bottle to the upper bag fixed that issue.

The Technium was just OK on this trip. Earlier, I thought this frame had some of the lively feel of my road Technium, but as "lively" turned to "loosey goosey," I realized the bottom bracket had come loose. I removed the cranks and reinstalled the threadless bottom bracket with plumber's tape. It's holding fine so far, but this episode hasn't really endeared the Peak to me. I'll probably be unloading it pretty soon, though that will be a disappointment for Kate. She does love that pink frame.

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