Sunday, August 31, 2014

Surly Cross Check and Velo Orange Camargue

I gave a short update on my somewhat new VO Camargue a few posts back. For no good reason, I haven't been particularly warming up to it. So much so, in fact, that I recently changed my trusty CC from "lean and mean" to, er, family... "pudgey and friendly?"

Now I have the two bikes set up very similarly: racks, fenders, gears, flat pedals, fattish tires. I think I lean towards the CC just because I like the way it looks better: the dead horizontal top tube appeals to the traditionalist in me, even as I grunt to throw my leg over it every time I stop while riding around with the kids (which is pretty often). Thinking about the VO, I think the stupid reason I'm not warming up to it is the top tube: it's neither flat nor really sloping, just kind of dropped:

Technically, this addresses my concern about the standover on the CC, but it exists in the nether region between a traditional road bike and a mountain bike. It smacks of compromise.

Tonight, I rode both bikes up and down our street. They're really very similar, with the biggest thing I noticed coming from the tires: the slightly rough ride of the Cross Check's knobbies vs. the pillowy action of the too-soft tires on the Camargue.

Anyway, I took the Camargue for a dawn run to return some library books on Saturday:

Passing through the tunnel under Avery-Muirfield drive, I came across a homeless teen sleeping there. He was the first homeless person I've ever seen in our little 'burb. Being Dublin, it's possible he was some high school student doing an immersion study. Regardless, he puts my carefully scouted stealth S24O trips in perspective. I think I can branch out a little more. Not in a tunnel, though.

On the way home, I stopped for a quick picture in front of our friendly local car dealer:

Henry is getting more interested in cars, so on the way home from seeing "Guardians of the Galaxy" that afternoon, he asked (without any provocation from me) to stop at the Toy Barn to look at their exotic cars.

My bike readers can stop here, no more bike content today.

We both like the new C7 Corvette quite a bit:

Henry is mostly a Ford guy, though. At least, he likes F150s and Mustangs:

and street rods:

I guess after your third or fourth Ferrari, you might get tired of red:

The Toy Barn owner must have soft spot for Buick Grand Nationals, since he had at least four on the lot:

And apropos of nothing, here's a cute picture from today just for my mom:


  1. Got here via your link in a post on

    Interesting reason for being dissatisfied with the Camargue. Hybrids and MTB's from the 90's up to the current day (for hybrids) have similar top-tube slopes to the Camargue. I guess it's all perspective and what a person is used to seeing.

    1. Maybe it's because back in the day (1990+), I really admired those Kona and Rocky Mountains and Voodoos with their super sloping top tubes. That early influence set my ideal of what a bike should look like, combined with a Riv influence for traditional road bikes.

      That being said, I am warming up to the VO more. The CC is back to a fixed gear after my Ohio to Erie tour, and the VO is waiting on some Albastache bars to go on.


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