Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Day of Summer

Tuesday last week was the last day of summer before the kids started school on Wednesday (yes, I'm behind in my blogging) Coincidentally, I had the day off so Jodi could go to a doctor appointment and we could attend the "meet the teacher" events in the afternoon. Nothing to do for it but break the kids away from their iPads to hit the road for some playgrounds:

Our first stop was Killilea Park. Henry's latest thing at playgrounds is trying to cross the play structure without touching the ground. He wasn't successful here:

The kids all enjoy the modern merry-go-rounds:

Our next stop was the library. Turns out I had my lock, but forgot the key. I had to make do with improvised helmet strap locks:

The chances of anyone being able to steal our bike train is pretty remote, but I was still pretty nervous while we were inside the library. Happily, I always store my bike lock in the locked state, otherwise, I might have discovered the missing key when it came time to unlock the bike. That would have been much more frustrating.

On the way home, we stopped again at the newer Coffman Park playground:

Another merry go round:

And the next day it was time for this:

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