Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Play

The boys are a little under the weather, but I still peeled them away from their iPads to drag them to a playground this morning. This was for their own good as much as it was for me try out my CC in family mode again.

I intended to go farther, but excessive whining from our eldest shortened our trip to the Dublinshire Greenway park. Once there, we all had a good time, even though Sam was nervous in this pose:

Kate's hair makes for some good pictures:

Once we got rolling, the kids were good to keep going, so we ambled over to Park Place park:

More hair:

Sam is happy to slide:

and also looking sharp in his wolf ears:

Bike of choice for today was my Surly:

It worked fine, but after we got home, I spent two and a half Bruce CDs (and a Coke and a beer) and put the Open Bar on the Surly, to better match the upright position of the Camargue, and I built up (again) the Breezer as a flat bar city bike. Kate and I later took the Breezer on a test ride to Hawk's Next park:

Right now, the Breezer can be my "sporty" city bike, while the CC can be my more Rivendellian, classic city bike... which kind of leaves the VO out in the cold. Anyway, on a temporary basis, the Breezer and CC are sharing wheels, allowed by the generous clearance and disc brakes of the Breezer frame. I used to be anti-disc, even for mountain bikes (ever tried to find a V brake 29er frame or suspension fork?), but I'm really coming around to them. I do need to pick up some 26" slicks if I'm actually going to keep the Breezer around. Again.

Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise, but I found that thumb shifters and hydro brakes don't really play well together:

I had to rotate the shifters up higher than I would have liked in order to clear the brake reservoirs. This is made worse because my right hand shifter's bracket is bent.

It was hot, so we didn't spend too much time at the park:

Still more hair!

We ran into a headwind on the way home, so I showed Kate how to get low into the wind:

Then she was ready to zoom!

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