Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Park and Bar Hopping

Jodi is off with Henry to visit her friend in Virginia (again), so I'm playacting as a single dad for a long weekend with the twins. Tonight after dinner, we headed out to a new playground. I'm not sure if it's an official city park--it's not on the master list--but it's located in a relatively new sub near Glacier Ridge Elementary, so perhaps the official list isn't updated.

Anyway, new playgound, we had to be there and check it out.

It turns out to be a large area with a few small play areas:

The mature trees are certainly nice, and may offer some evening shade, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the play structures. The twins, of course, always have a good time:

Sam is doing a lot more swinging lately:

Of course, I was riding my new Camargue:

I really love the shiny, classy look of these Soma Oxford bars:

It gives my bike a very Rivendellian look, if you know what I mean. But after several rides on them, I have to say they just don't quite work for me. Mainly, they're too narrow, but also too close. I'll keep them around so I can try them in the future, but I don't see having them on a bike long term. Maybe on Kate's bike in about ten years.

I replaced them when we got home with my Surly Open Bar. You can see the difference:

The significant width advantage of the Surly bar really puts me in a different position on the bike. The Soma bar feels like you stand while waiting in line: hands loosely at your side, nothing special going on. The Surly bar is standing like a cornerback: slightly leaned forward, arms spread, ready for action.

I just wish it wasn't so darn black:

Maybe I will pick up a shiny stem to spruce up my cockpit.

One side note: bicyclist see more junk by the side of the road than most people. Mostly it is just junk, although I once found a wood handled brush that I picked up and now use to sweep grass clippings out of our garden shed. Today's find was unusual enough that it took a moment to register before I looped back and picked it up:

Yep, a potted decorative grass, found lying in the culvert. Of course I took it home:

Good thing I had the trailer!

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