Sunday, March 2, 2014

See See You Later

Henry and I were walking down the strip mall to our day's lunch spot (Moe's) this afternoon, when I noticed this sign in front of our local cheap pizza joint:

Cici's wasn't great pizza, or even very good pizza, but it was cheap and four out of five of our family members enjoyed going there. We've been going there probably once or twice a month since Henry could still eat free as a three year old. The way Henry eats, maybe this contributed to their downfall?

Four years later, even the twins are past the "eat free" stage, but we all enjoyed a well earned stop there after biking around town.

I mentioned to Henry that we will have to find a new pizza buffet place. "Yeah," he said, "but it won't be GOOD pizza." Henry has commendable loyalty if questionable culinary judgment, but regardless, we will have to start searching.


  1. That's a great story, Eric! I know just what you mean about finding the good places to feed the brood cheap. We've got about four local spots in regular rotation, including Costco, which doesn't exactly have great ambiance but is by far the cheapest dining out there (and their food is not half bad either). Sorry about you losing your Cici's. Good luck finding a suitable replacement (within biking distance hopefully). You know, if your kids start jonesing for Cici's pizza, you could just smear some ketchup on cardboard and leave it under a warming light for an hour - they'll never know the difference! (cheap shot, I know :p)

    1. We'll also have to make our kitchen floors sticky to match the ambience of Cici's.


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