Saturday, March 1, 2014

Killilea (again) and Coffman (again)

Last week was cold, and next week looks worse, but today it was in the upper 40s. Good enough that the twins and I hit the road without excessive bundling up. We hooked up the Picolo, took the Burley trailer out of folded-up storage, and were ready for the trail:

Regular and observant reader(s) will see the changes to my Buzz over the winter:

I replaced the stock Spirit O' 76 saddle with a Selle AnAtomica, mostly so I could carry my Carradice saddle bag neatly.

Our first stop was the playground at Killilea park. We hit this only once last year, so it was pretty fresh for the kids:

We then continued down Emerald Parkway and through the tunnel:

where Kate pointed out these mosaic patterns in the tunnel which I've never seen before:

Either they were installed recently, or I just have tunnel vision when going through here.

We stopped at the library and picked up a few books. With a combination of careful selection and admirable efficiency, the twins had picked out their books in the first minute, and then were like this the rest of the time:

Heading home, Kate started to get a bit cold from the headwind, so I offered to let her wear the pair of gloves I dug out of out the bag. We both found this pretty amusing:

We made one last stop at the new park addition at Coffman Park:

and then to home and some quality Wii time. A nice little break in a long, dreary winter.

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