Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bike train, now departing

In addition to the seven bike in my current stable, I also have two trail-a-bikes. This is altogether too much stuff for someone my brother once described a "wannabe minimalist," but it does allow me to do things like this:

Handling wasn't as terrible as you might think. The only major drawback was that Kate's trail-a-bike got kind of floppy, and leaned over excessively into corners. This gave her some pedal strikes until I slid her attachment point up as high as I could onto Henry's seat post. That improved it quite a bit, but I'm not sure I'd even want to encounter a real downhill with this setup, though.

We didn't go too far on this shake down run. We just made a quick loop through Avery park and then to Wyndham park to see if this crazy idea worked (at Wyndham park, Henry said, "hey Dad, someone wrote some bad words in the slide... they wrote D-I-C-K and then drew a picture of a rocket!")

A more real benefit of two trail-a-bikes is that now Jodi can use one when she goes with us:

Such as last week, when we got out on a warm night and hit Shannon Glen and Hawk's nest. At Shannon Glen, we always take turns on the exclusive-in-Dublin trolley:

but it turns out Henry might need some instruction on how to use the slide:

At Hawk's Nest, we played on the low merry go round. The last kid to hang on won, and Sam won more than most:

Kate also tried the high merry go round for the first time:

I have an idea to take all three kids bike camping this summer, but I don't think the quad train will be the answer. We'll have to see  how this develops.

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