Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stupid Things Found in Mountain Bike Action (December issue)

Yes gang, it's time I finally got around to the second installment of "Stupid Things Found in Mountain Bike Action." (the first edition is here) I've had the issue sitting here on my desk for a few weeks:

** The December issue continues their relentless push of all things 27.5". The best stupid bit was their "riding techniques for 27.5" wheels" article (page 56). It's a primer on how to switch from 26" or 29" to the in-between size. Coming from 26" wheels, they claim you'll "follow a wider arc", and can "take a rougher line." Sure.

They also claim "bikes with larger wheels have lower bottom bracket heights... than 26ers." Could someone please call up MBA and explain what bottom bracket drop is to them? At least, give them a tape measure so they could see for themselves?

Here's the B&P official advice for converting from 26" to 27.5": put a piece of black tape over the 27.5" label on your tire, and then you pretty much won't be able to tell the difference.

** In the product field test (p 63), they test a nitrogen inflation system for tires. To their credit, they also think this is pretty stupid.

** There's a 72 page KHS catalog in the middle of the issue. It shows every single bike KHS makes. Road bike, mountain bikes... sure. But what about: police bikes... touring bikes... folding bikes... did you know KHS makes adult trikes? Did you know KHS was even still around? I personally think they peaked with the pink and blue Montana comp:

** They test a $7,725 Giant. They like it, perhaps because it has 27.5" wheels.

** They test a $450 pair of ugly Specialized shoes (but to their credit again, only give them 3 stars)

There was some non-stupid stuff here as well. The "garage files" (p 84) was a useful guide on what lubes to use where (although I wish they had spent some space to talk about what to do with carbon specifically). I also enjoyed the Pro's bike, a BMC carbon full suspension hot rod. Nice! Even though it was a 29er and not 27.5... I guess our national cross country champ Stephen Ettinger hasn't gotten the message yet.

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  1. Awesome. Love it. Keep up the installs of STFIMBA. I quit reading that mag back when they had that pompous overbearing Zap dude as editor. Occasionally I'll partake in a little guilty pleasure at their website. I'm glad to see these days they are finally cool with short stems and wide bars. That black tape trick is some spot on advice.


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